The Seventh Hill. Sense of Place: Lisbon
Seven Hills. Sense of Place: Istanbul (2018)


Two artbooks that reflect on place and being human that were created after residencies done in Lisbon and Istanbul. Although the research and work done in residence was focused on issues and ideas of dislocation, these books were made from writing, called Concentric Stories, done while walking around the city trying to get lost, in a process I call drifting
Lisbon and Istanbul are similar in that they are both built on seven hills, both are on the sea and divided by a river and they bookend Europe. 
The books integrate story, mixed media drawing, collage, archival photographs, ink, painting and printmaking. They include an invented text I call wordmaps. 
Wordmaps emerged from a method of trading words for visual art while in Athens and Istanbul. In a personal self ascribed protocol, this trade sanctions me to use words, that are not of my culture, in my invented text. The process of trade was also a way to connect with humans that was antithetical, and thus informing, to the issues of dislocation I was studying.