Sense of Direction (2013)

This mixed media installation has emerged from a four week residency program at The Oxygen Art Space in Nelson, British Columbia.

Tanya Pixie Johnson has used this space and time to move through a self created art ceremony acknowledging the four directions. In this process, the notion of time has been explored, its capacity to move sideways, its elasticity, and the present moment. At the beginning of 2012 wherein ancient prophesies have foreseen massive changes on this planet, and wherein many can feel the quickening of time, Johnson has spatially interpreted the four directions and the centre point of presence that is suspended on the axis between them. The centre that exists even as time speeds up.  She has attempted to harness presence.

For four weeks, Johnson has moved through the space in an anti clockwise direction. She has called her movement the action of art. This constant movement was intended to make time stand still. The viewer, too, was encouraged to move in this direction.