Beacons (2017)

Beacons is a series of layered paper cuts that integrate some mixed media image, text and old maps of the Kootenays. They are mounted and backlit in light boxes.

 The work references light held by those living to those on the other side.

Furthering my investigation of edges and liminal space, the idea of a metaphorical shore is implied. This is visually invoked by the space created between the layers of paper cuts and maps. The action of cutting and backlighting maps acknowledges their contribution to the colonial construct of dominance.

The work is a means of connection between myself, as a so-called settler in Sinixt territory, and the ancestors of this land. Imagery considered includes ideas of belonging, diversity and paradigm in relation to land, history and water. Beacons reference light and lighthouses. They are an artistic and personal contribution to the conversation of so called reconciliation and colonial accountability.