1991                       Bachelor of Fine Arts (honours), University of Cape Town, South Africa
2016                       Lithography Mentorship, Malaspina Printmakers, Vancouver, Canada


August 2019        Nakanajo Biennale, Nakanajo, Japan (invited, curated)
July 2019              This is a Photograph of Me, Arts Assembly and Halka Art Project, Vancouver, Canada (invited, curated)
May 2019              Halka Sanat Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey (invited, solo, curated)
August 2018        Story Keepers, Land Art Mongolia Biennale, Mongolia National Modern Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (invited, curated)
July 2018               Residency, Land Art Mongolia, Murun, Mongolia (invited, curated)
April 2018             DAS ARTES, Amsterdam University of the Arts, Amsterdam, Holland (invited, solo)
March 2018         Sense of Place, 4Bid Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland (solo, invited, curated)
May 2017              Beacons, Residency and exhibition, Halka Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey (invited, curated)
April 2017             Beacons, Residency and exhibition, Hangar CIA, Lisbon, Portugal (invited, curated)
Feb 2017                Edge of the Light, Touchstones Gallery (solo, curated)
Jan 2017                Memory Palaces, Oxygen Art Centre, Nelson, BC (invited, curated)
Sept 2016              Building a Better World: Kootenay Traditions, Kootenay Visions, Kootenay Gallery (invited, group, curated)
Oct 2014               The Imaginarium, Oxygen Art Gallery, Nelson, BC (collaborative artist residency and exhibition)
July 2014               Transforms and Anatomical Thought Maps, 4bid Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (solo, curated)
June 2014             Artist Residency, 0T301, Amsterdam, Netherlands (juried, invited)
July 2013               Riverspines, The Langham, Kaslo, BC (solo, curated)
Jan 2013                Riverspines, Grand Forks Art Gallery, Grand Forks, BC (solo, curated)
Sept 2012              Supported installation of Exhibit B by Brett Bailey for Berlin Festspiele, Berlin, Germany (invited)
May 2012              Inner and Outer Landscapes, Kootenay Art Gallery, Nelson, BC (solo, curated)
Feb 2012               Forest for the Trees, Touchstones Gallery, Nelson, BC (group, curated)
Dec 2011               Sense of Direction, Oxygen Art Gallery, Nelson, BC (solo, curated)
Nov 2011               Artist Residency, Oxygen Art Gallery, Nelson, BC (invited)
Sept 2009              Reflections on Water, Touchstones Gallery, Nelson, BC (group, curated)
July 2008               Lines in Blood and Milk, Touchstones Gallery, Nelson, BC (solo, curated)
Dec 2008/09         Urban Shaman Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba (group, curated)
March 2008          Waking Time, Collaborative Performance, Spier Performance Arts Festival, Cape Town, South Africa (invited, curated)
Dec-Feb 2007/8   Artist Residency, Infecting the City, Cape Town, South Africa (group, invited)
July 2006               Pikaxe Studio, Appledale, BC (solo)
Aug 2006               Voices from the Rain Barrel, The Exchange, Nelson, BC (solo)
Jan 2006                Lona Trust, Cape Town, South Africa (solo, invited)
June 2005             The Old Tap Dance Academy, Vancouver, BC (solo, invited)
Aug 2005               Shanti Yoga Works, Nelson, BC (group)
Aug 2004               New Perspectives Gallery, Vallican, BC (group, juried)
Sept 2003              The Exchange Gallery, Nelson, BC (solo, juried)
July 2002               Artspring, Saltspring, BC (group, curated)
Feb 1998               Camissa Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa (solo)
Sept 1993              The Info Shop, London, United Kingdom (group)
Dec 1992               Potsamokatz, Berlin, Germany (group)
July 1992               Dreadcatkosmicaleidoshow, Collaborative Performance, Grahamstown Arts Festival, South Africa (directed by Brett Bailey)
June 1991             Martin Wessels Gallery, Clarence, South Africa (group)
Jan 1991                 Kay Built a City, Performance Art, Macgregor Hotel, Macgregor, South Africa (directed by Brett Bailey)
Nov 1990               Dada, Performance Art, The Junction, Cape Town, South Africa (directed by Brett Bailey

Public and Corporate Collections:

Carnival Corporation Cruise Line, commissioned by Artlink, Tel Aviv, Israel
Berniece Paterson Private Collection, San Francisco
Sinixt Nation Logo & Numbered Prints, Canada (2005-2016)
FRAC Collection, Palm Springs, Calgary, Portland
Lona Fruit, Cape Town, South Africa

Grants and Awards:

2015                       Slocan Valley Arts Council, Community Program Grant, Slocan Valley, BC
2013/14                CKCA Major Project Funding, Nelson, BC
2014                       CKCA Community Program Grant, Winlaw, BC
2012                       CKCA Community Program Grant, Slocan, BC
2009/10                CKCA Major Project Grant Funding, Nelson, BC
2004                       Publicly voted best artist in Artwalk Nelson, Nelson, BC
2003                       Publicly voted best artist in Artwalk Nelson, Nelson, BC


2017                       Tanya P. Johnson: Edge of the Light, Galleries West, Maggie Shirley
2017                       Edge of the Light, exhibition catalogueArin Fay, curator, Touchstones Museum of Art
2017                       Museum Origins Transmogrified, Astrid Heyerdahl, Executive Director, Touchstones Museum of Art and History
2012                       Inner and Outer Landscapes, exhibition catalogue, Helen Sebelius, curator
2012                       Riverspines, art catalogue essay, Deborah Thompson, curator
2012                       Forest for the Trees, exhibition catalogue, Jessie Demers, curator
2012                       Life Inspiring Art Vurb, Megan Cole, editor
2011                       Letter of Support, Marilyn James, Sinixt spokesperson
2009                       Reflections on Water, exhibition catalogue, Deborah Thompson, curator
2009                       Stories about Water as Told by Artists, R.W Sanford, Canadian Partnership Initiative. United Nations Water for Life
2008                       Infecting the City, Art Festival catalogue, Africa Centre